Our Board has thirteen directors and the following five standing committees: (1) Audit, (2) Finance and Investment, (3) HR and Compensation, (4) Nominating, Governance and Social Responsibility, and (5) Technology. The committee charters are available here. The committee membership and the function of each of the committees are described below.

Chair = Chair Member = Member

Audit Finance and Investment HR and Compensation Nominating, Governance and Social Responsibility Technology
Independent Directors
Dan Ammann Member
Gary M. Reiner Member Chair Member
Les Brun Member Chair
Lip-Bu Tan Member Member
Marc L. Andreessen Member Member
Mary Agnes Wilderotter Chair Member
Mike Angelakis Member Chair
Pam Carter Member Member
Patricia F. Russo Member
Raymond E. Ozzie Member Chair
Other Directors
Ann M. Livermore Member
Meg Whitman
Raymond J. Lane Member Member