Finance and Investment Committee

Committee Members
Mike Angelakis Chair
Dan Ammann Member
Marc L. Andreessen Member
Raymond J. Lane Member
Ann M. Livermore Member
Raymond E. Ozzie Member
Gary M. Reiner Member

Chair = Chair Member = Member

Document Finance and Investment Committee

The Finance and Investment Committee provides oversight to the finance and investment functions of HPE. The Finance and Investment Committee reviews or oversees significant treasury matters such as capital structure, derivative policy, global liquidity, fixed income investments, borrowings, currency exposure, dividend policy, share issuances and repurchases, and capital spending; oversees HPE’s loans and loan guarantees of third-party debt and obligations; reviews HPE Financial Services’ capitalization and operations, including residual and credit management, risk concentration, and return on invested capital; and reviews the activities of HPE’s Investor Relations department. The Finance and Investment Committee also assists the Board in evaluating investment, acquisition, outsourcing services, joint venture and divestiture transactions in which HPE engages as part of its business strategy from time to time and reports and makes recommendations to the Board as to scope, direction, quality, investment levels and execution of such transactions; evaluates and revises HPE’s approval policies with respect to such transactions; oversees HPE’s integration planning and execution and the financial results of such transactions after integration; evaluates the execution, financial results and integration of HPE’s completed transactions; and oversees and approves HPE’s strategic alliances.